Life of Pi

Written by Dorrin Gingerich

A young struggling writer (Rafe Spall) hopes to find an incredible story to write a book about. Luckily, he hears of a man named Pi (Irrfan Khan) who has a remarkable story. Through the course of the interview, Pi tells a story of how as a young man (Suraj Sharma), his family decides to move from India to Canada. Unfortunately due to a storm their freighter sinks in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Pi barely manages to escape on a lifeboat with a another survivor Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. Now Pi will need to find a way to coexist with a tiger that is growing hungrier and hungrier.

What Worked - Where Life of Pi shines the most is probably in all the visual splendors. You can tell that the director Ang Lee focused a lot of effort into making the seemingly boring ocean landscape into a beautiful and majestic surrounding for this unique story. Along with that, the graphics used to bring the tiger to life were unbelievable. It looks so real, it made me wish to have a gun so I could shoot it and mount it on my wall. (I'm just kidding, I would never do that, it would look tacky) The story itself was very compelling, and is held almost entirely by a unknown actor Suraj Sharma. He gives a strong performance and complements the film quite nicely. I also really appreciated that it's not really a buddy buddy story. The Tiger would love nothing more than to kill Pi and have him for dinner. It's because of these mature themes I feel it's intended for an older audience just like Hugo was last year.

What Didn't Work - There weren't a lot of problems in this gorgeous film, although the film's energy dwindles a bit throughout the duration of the film. Along with that, some of the side characters' and even a little bit from Irrfan Khan's (adult Pi), spoken lines felt very delivered and not natural. I don't know maybe it was just the tone of their voices, but it sounded more like lines being read from a script.

Interesting fact - The young struggling writer was originally played Tobey Maguire, but Ang Lee (Director) felt that Tobey Maguire would be too distracting from the story due to his star power. So he re-cast and re-shot through scenes with Rafe Spall.

Overall - Life of Pi is a visual masterpiece about a young man struggling to survive. Although the film slows down a bit there's enough breathtaking visual to hold your attention throughout. Life of Pi is definitely worth seeing.

A quote from the movie -
Pi - All of life is an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.

So what do you think? Is it worth seeing in 3D?

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